Mothers, drop the guilt and put your oxygen mask on first!

Mothers, drop the guilt and put your oxygen mask on first!

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Many of us are already aware of this analogy. On a plane this is to ensure you’re able to help others including your children in an emergency.

It is well known that good health and fitness means we’re better prepared for what life throws our way, particularly when supporting a family. So why do we feel conflicted about taking time out to look after ourselves? We shouldn’t, and here’s why.    

In research carried out by Sport England, only one in five mothers prioritise exercise because they feel too guilty about spending time away from their children.

Research has proven that “Mothers have a greater influence on their offspring’s activity levels than fathers” so it’s incredibly important that children see their mothers making time to exercise so that they ‘Normalise it as part of everyday life’ leading to positive experiences where children are more likely to live active, healthier lives.

It doesn't always go to plan!

Planning how you can make time to be more active is vital. Even small windows of time e.g. 20 minutes can be used effectively, especially with online streaming allowing us to workout without travelling anywhere. You don’t even need much kit. An exercise mat and the space to lay it out on the floor will get you off to a great start. Of course getting active outside has all sorts of other benefits.

I work with clients to produce a weekly plan of training around their existing commitments and then support them to see it through.

The current pandemic has highlighted to me the new ways in which people can integrate exercise into their lives using technology such as online PT sessionsgroup exercise classes and remote activity tracking.

In this way, you optimise how you spend your time, get what you need for a healthier, happier life and also do something truly amazing for your kids.

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