Core & Back Fitness

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Why might I want to improve core fitness?

Those most likely to want to improve their core strength are those who suffer from back pain. As the powerhouse of your physical strength your abdominal and associated muscles are what give the rest of your body stability to make virtually every other movement. Core fitness is therefore important to everybody, but particularly those who lead an active life, participate in sports or those who want to rehabilitate from back injury and prevent further recurrence. Core strength provides protection of the spine, lowers the risk of injury and creates a stable base for optimising performance in all activities: from digging the garden to riding a bike.

Isn't it just loads of crunches?

Absolutely not. Sit-ups and crunches are just one tool. A balanced approach includes a variety of exercises for all the abdominal muscle groups, not just the ‘six- pack’ muscles traditionally associated with a strong physique. Core strength can be improved by targeting not just the external abdominals but the inner abdominals and the spinal cord lining smaller muscle groups. Furthermore the muscles of your bottom, hips and pelvic floor are also vitally important, so should not be left out! From boxing to yoga, I’m happy to find an approach that suits you.