In a world that places so many demands on us, I’m passionate about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals in a way that is empowering, enjoyable and sustainable, to live life to the full and feel amazing!

Personal Training Packages

I offer four levels of tailored personal training packages designed to offer an individualised approach to improving fitness at any budget. Whether you’re looking for assistance and motivation in how to to lead a more active life or need someone there to push you during your workouts to maximise results, I have a package to suit your needs. 

Group workout classes

Do you like the sociability  and enjoyment that exercising with others brings? I run workout classes locally requiring minimal equipment suitable for adults of all levels of fitness. I believe that strength training is the best thing you can do for your health no matter what your age so this is the primary focus for my sessions and I include all the elements required for good fitness. This also includes balance, flexibility and cardiovascular exercises. All you need is an exercise mat, a love of good music and positive energy! 

One to One sessions

Are you looking to regain fitness after having a child but have little time and find the gym environment somewhat intimidating? Maybe you want to introduce some strength or flexibility training to your life but don’t know how or where to start? For anyone looking to become stronger, fitter and / or move better I can offer one to one sessions to boost your confidence in the technical performance of a wide range of exercises from raising your heart rate safely and effectively to weight – training, improving flexibility and strengthening your tummy muscles and back. I also promise it will be fun!

  • positive review  I've been doing Soph's circuit sessions which have recently morphed into remote sessions via Zoom! I'm not a sporty type but her sessions are always fun and relaxed, and she always shows variations of each exercise so you can work to the right level for you. Each session has a musical theme too which gives good variety. I'm toning up rapidly and improving my cardiac fitness, all within a 5ft square space in my bedroom!

    Polly White Avatar Polly White
    April 8, 2020

    positive review  Sophie is always full of energy fun and motivation. I love the variety and intensity of her workouts. Since starting sessions with sophie, my back pain has lessened and I’m stronger, fitter and happier 💪😀

    Katie Twitchen Avatar Katie Twitchen
    April 9, 2020

    5 star review  Really enjoy Sophie's Ab Attack classes. Not only is it a fun work out, its really effective too - my riding instructor has commented on the improvement in my core strength in just a few weeks. Have also just started Sophie's early morning Circuits class which was a great way to start the day. Thanks Sophie!

    Abby Latham Avatar Abby Latham
    October 8, 2017

    5 star review  Great Spin session this morning, long way back to bike fit for me but I'm sure I'll get there with Sophie

    Graham Binns Avatar Graham Binns
    February 10, 2018