Heart rate training

Be your own Hero

Heart rate training is a brilliant tool for boosting your performance and achieving your goals whether that’s weight-loss, improving cardio vascular fitness or improving endurance for longer event. Being able to quantify your efforts using heart rate zones allows you to optimise your workouts and clearly see fitness improvement over time. On a deeper level, understanding what is happening to your body whilst you exercise is an exciting journey of self – discovery. 

By using either a chest band, arm band, or wrist watch, we are able to collate data on your performance during workouts. I can lend you a sensor get you started and after all your basic measurements have been input into the system your heart rate zones will be generated. This provides a live feed of your effort which is a fantastic motivator in terms of what action you need to take. 

At the end of the session we are able to quantify the benefits of that session, identify areas for improvement and set goals accordingly. We can analyse your maximum and average heart rates, time spent in heart rate zones and also get an accurate picture of the number of calories burned. Heart rate training also offers a number of other ways to quantify your effort. If running, walking or cycling, it gives you a profile of your pace plus map of your route, speed, distance and shows how fast you were going during particular sections of your route. If your’e a competitive sort all this can be used to see how your efforts compare with others.

What’s more, because the devices are linked to your private profile on Polar Coach, I am able to check out the sessions you complete under your own steam and give you feedback – it’s perfect for our remote training packages or giving you a nudge in the right direction. 

If home or studio workouts are more your thing, it’s particularly useful for gauging your effort during HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and also strength workouts, or a combination of the two which is my preferred approach for workouts – for optimal results!