Functional Fitness

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Why Functional Fitness?

 Functional fitness is about enhancing and improving your muscular strength, range of motion, co-ordination and balance to aid with your everyday life. This could be as a result of recognising areas for improvement in your posture, back pain, muscular imbalance caused by injury or a lack of mobility and muscular tightness in the absence of a regular programme of stretching and exercise.

By using targeted compound exercises, ie ones which use multiple joints and multiple planes of motion, you will find improvement in your regular everyday motions, a reduction of injuries and a better quality of life. Lets get rid of those aches and pa

What sort of exercise will I do?

After identifying your goals, I will develop a plan which will target the everyday tasks which you find difficult. For example, if you struggle getting up out of a chair, we could use squats which will strengthen all the muscles you need for that motion. Variety is the key to boosting motivation and there will be no shortage of different activities which could include circuit-training, body weight and flexibility exercises, free-weights, kettlebells, suspension and stability training, HIIT workouts, plyometrics, and a wide range of cardiovascular activities. We can also work out programmes which you can complete in your own home with a minimum of equipment to ensure that you complete a regular exercise regime.

Who's it good for?

Not everybody lives for exercise Рmost people just want to improve their quality of life. As you get older, muscles get tighter and generally less able unless you make sure you use them regularly. So whether you struggle bringing the shopping in, want play in the park with your kids or want to get back to walking in the mountains after twisting an ankle, I can help you achieve those goals.