Strength for Women

Be your own Hero

Why strength for women?

Strong is the new skinny. Strength is no longer solely the domain of men. Women should no longer feel it’s their place stand feebly by whilst men get all ripped and sweaty doing the manual work. There is nothing more empowering than feeling confident in the way your body performs and that it’s capable of dealing with the all the demands life can throw our way. I find that once women try strength training they love the way it makes them feel and greatly improves their confidence. It encourages a positive body image and it just so happens it makes you look great too. The stresses of daily life can leave us feeling like our bodies have been neglected, with little time or energy to do exercise or even pay attention to ourselves at all. As a result our self – image can take a real hammering. Striving to be fit and healthy fit not only enables us to meet the demands placed on us in daily life and be less vulnerable to illness and disease but also, in all the chaos, means we prioritise taking some time out to look after ourselves. The positive knock-on effects of this are many, not only in terms of health and happiness but for our loved ones too. 

But won't I end up being muscley / butch?

This is a common misconception – it is in fact incredibly hard for women to build large muscles as we lack the natural hormones required, and what’s more, bulky muscle is built through very specific training and diet. What I aim to help you achieve is building lean muscle by changing body composition through a mixture of training and nutrition. What most people would call ‘Toned’. Getting rid of fat is one thing but if there is no muscle underneath the fat, you still won’t achieve a “toned” look. 

Did you know that strength training increases your metabolism, to burn more calories daily with no effort?

By incorporating strength training into your exercise regime, your body’s metabolism increases. That means you will naturally burn more calories daily, eat into your body’s fat reserves more easily and keep weight off. A pound of fat is the size of a block of butter and takes 5 calories per day to maintain. A pound of muscle is the size of a large strawberry and takes 50 calories a day to maintain. By making this transition in body composition, you may not weigh less, but you will burn more calories automatically and attain a more athletic body shape with curves to die for! Make sure your made mainly of strawberries not butter!