“Menopausing” with Davina McCall

“Menopausing” with Davina McCall

November 9, 2022 Uncategorized 0

I was thrilled to meet this fabulous woman on Saturday – busting myths and removing the stigma about Menopause – go Davina!

I’m truly motivated in my plan to branch out in my business from personal training to offering menopause support to women. Some great relevant training under by belt now including exercise strategy, nutrition and much more besides.

It is incredibly important to recognise that each woman’s experience is different.

The time has passed for women to feel under pressure to ‘keep calm and carry on’ when you’re world (and your body) feels like it’s falling apart.

There are many ways to tackle mental and physical symptoms and side effects if we can just open up, share our concerns and support each other.

Thanks Davina McCall and Dr Naomi Potter for summarising everything so beautifully in this book “Menopausing” which I highly recommend.

Ladies : “We’ve got this” Sophie x

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