Physical activity and your period

Physical activity and your period

November 7, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Women’s menstrual cycles are very important not only in terms of impact on our mental health but also on energy levels throughout the month. Therefore it’s crucial to consider this in how we plan physical activities and what to expect during the four different stages of our cycle. We are likely to feel most energetic and strong in the second week of our cycle – about a week after your period starts, whilst not surprisingly, we should take it easy and not push ourselves too hard the week before our periods start. This article gives more details as to why this is, what happens to hormone levels and how best to plan your training. Plus some tips on how you can support your body through diet. I also urge you to talk to your family about what they can expect in terms of your energy, mood and how they can support you. Let’s remove the taboo!

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