Sport specific programmes

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Why might I need a Sport Specific programme?

This service is all about goals – you already participate in a sport and you want to improve through cross training. You might have a particular race in mind, or maybe you have an ambition you can only realise by becoming stronger and fitter. I can help with a tailored approach to improving specific fitness for your goal be it running a marathon, improving performance in team sports or improving your golf swing or tennis backhand.

How do we achieve results?

Let take an example: you want to complete the South Downs Way as a Cyclocross cycling event. It’s a 160KM journey on gravel and dirt tracks with thousands of metres of ascent. At a our first consultation we will discuss your sporting history, detail your current activity and health levels; but also we will talk about the amount of time you are able to commit to achieving the goals, what motivates you and whether yo have exercise preferences.

Using this I can devise a time line with smaller achievable milestones which will lead you directly to your desired goal making sure that there is a logical progression week on week. If you are unable to commit to multiple sessions per week with me, then I will make sure that you have structured sessions you can complete in your own time which will make the most out of cross play activities in the gym, outside and participating in your chosen sport, checking in with me to make sure you stay on track.

What sports do you specialise in?

As someone with a lifelong passion for cycling I would be very happy to help improve your cycling performance whatever your cycling-related goal be it nailing those climbs, improving race performance or feeling more confident on recreational rides with friends. But I also have good experience with walking, climbing, skiing, golf and tennis. So lets talk. And if you don’t have anything specific mind? We can help you with that too if you like!