Spin coaching

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Why indoor cycling/spinning?

Spinning is a great, fat burning cardiovascular exercise. Often it incorporates HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which uses short intense bursts of maximal effort with recovery periods between them during 30-45 minute sessions. This has been shown during studies to produce an afterburn effect, with calories being burned at a higher level for up to 48 hours after your session. Combine this with the fact that you are utilising the largest muscles in your body which requires a higher level of energy expenditure, and you have one of the most efficient ways in which to lower body fat.

Because the sessions are short it’s easy to fit into your daily routine – before work, during a lunch break or before heading home. But it’s also great training for outdoor cycling as you can do it all year round, rain or shine.

What is spinning?

Spinning is a form of cycling which uses stationary indoor bikes. Rather than working against friction like many exercise bikes and which allow you to stop pedalling, spin bikes use pedals and cranks which directly drive a heavy flywheel  which continues to spins to produce a work out directly comparible to normal cycling. This is fundamentally different from upright exercise bikes in that they provide a much higher intensity workout; this intensity is controlled via a knob which increases the resistance. I work using both standard bikes with heart rate monitors and also ICG Life-Fitness Bikes which are equipped with power meters to quantify your workout effort, helping you set goals, monitor progress and provides motivation for your next session. Setting the session to music helps motivate you and also is used as a tool to set your cadence (how fast you spin your feet).

What is Coaching by Colour?

I am trained in ICG Coaching by Colours, which is a unique training system using power meter bikes. After conducting a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test, I am able to provide varied and targeted workouts within your personalised power zones. This creates a level-playing field between individuals of differing fitness and ability in a spin class ensuring that everybody works at an  intensity suited to them.

Who is indoor cycling for?

If this all sounds a little scary, don’t be put off. Indoor cycling is great for beginners, fitness fanatics and experienced cyclists alike. If you want to burn fat and rapidly increase your cardiovascular fitness, this is for YOU!